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Boost your school’s identity with Custom Planners!

Personalize the Good News™ Planners to meet the needs of your school. Design your own cover, include handbook pages and special forms, promote a special events page—the ideas are limitless to make your planner a unique reflection of your school. Custom planners offer an opportunity to brand your schools values, project a community spirit, as well as serving as a valuable “go-to” resource for all those important need-to-know details.

Our Custom Planner Specialist is here to help get you started.

  • Walk through all the options
  • Offer suggestions for cover designs
  • Calculate the costs

Call 855-238-3088 ext 2164

Ask about our custom advertising kit! Step-by-step instructions help you solicit support from local businesses in your area by offering advertising opportunities in your planner to help underwrite or offset custom planner costs.

Use this adverting kit to inspire ideas how to promote ads to offset the costs to your planners.

Custom Cover

Important Note: Planners with customized covers, vinyl pocket folders and/or handbooks do NOT come 3-hole drilled.

Personalize your Good News™ Planner covers with a custom design. Whether you modify our theme or submit a unique design of your own, branding the cover of your planners strengthens your school’s identity and provides a unique opportunity to promote your school to prospective families.

  • Submit a design of your own, or we can create a design for you.
  • Available in full color, laminated on 1 side.
  • Customize the front and/or back.
  • Price is based on quantity.
  • Set-up fee ($15) is waived for custom orders over 100 planners, per design, per size.
  • Planners with customized or plastic covers, vinyl pockets, and/or handbooks do NOT come 3-hole drilled.

Ideas for Front Covers: a simple modification of our theme, your school logo, a line drawing or photograph of building, a unique class photo or featured student stories, a student-body art contest.

The Back Cover is valuable real estate to sell as advertising space to help offset the cost of your planners or offer convenience with a Year-At-A-Glance Calendar.